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Your comfort… our passion!

SKIZERØ SNOWBOARD®, a snowboard carrying strap featuring a smart but simple system for attaching a strap to the snowboard bindings, is a brand new accessory that lets you carry your board slung over your shoulder, leaving your hands totally free: SKIZERØ SNOWBOARD® – SNOWBOARD OVER YOUR SHOULDER… AND YOUR HANDS FREE™.

After fitting the first hook into the base of the binding, taking care to insert it with the opening facing upwards, pull out the retractable strap from the SKIZERØ® case, lift your snowboard onto your shoulder… and there you are… it's firmly positioned, parallel to your body and with its nose pointing downwards, but thanks to SKIZERO, totally out of the way of your legs, so it won't bump against them! SKIZERØ SNOWBOARD® – SNOWBOARD OVER YOUR SHOULDER… AND YOUR HANDS FREE™. A snowsport accessory that's practical, extra-practical, super-practical, ultra-practical, mega-practical!

SKIZERØ®, the brand new snowboard shoulder strap! Finally someone's invented it! Go anywhere you want with your snowboard SNOWBOARD OVER YOUR SHOULDER… AND YOUR HANDS FREE™, without problems, without it bumping into your legs, and without worrying about knocking into things or people. Finally you can do lots of other things at the same time while you're going anywhere you want: shoot videos, send messages, chat with your friends, eat a snack, or carry anything else you like, because your hands are totally free!!! Long live comfort and convenience!