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You know how it is when you stop somewhere, and you lift your back boot off the board to push yourself off again… towards the skilift, a shelter, or somewhere else? If you then decide to take a break for a while, you also lift your other boot off the board… at this point there's no kind of link connecting you and your snowboard. And just for a moment, for a brief but inevitable moment, before you can pick the board up with your hands, it's completely free and unattached to you!

But now you can use SKIZERO SNOWBOARD® , the innovative snowboard shoulder strap, to give you an extra guarantee of safety.
In fact, by fixing one end of SKIZERO SNOWBOARD® to your boot, using the second hook provided on one side of the SKIZERO case, and the other end to your board, simply using the sleeve and ring buckle, it'll be firmly and safely secured to your leg, preventing any unforeseen accidents!
What a relief!!! Hooray!!!



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