Zero your space
Zero the space of your snowboard.

SKIZERO SNOWBOARD® , the innovative system for carrying your snowboard slung over your shoulder, is easy to use, practical and functional, but above all comfortable and convenient, allowing you to carry your board over your shoulder while keeping your hands totally free: SKIZERO SNOWBOARD®SNOWBOARD OVER YOUR SHOULDER… AND YOUR HANDS FREE™.

Your snowboard remains firmly positioned, parallel to your body and with its nose pointing downwards, and totally out of the way of your legs, so it won't bump against them.

When you try SKIZERO SNOWBOARD® – SNOWBOARD OVER YOUR SHOULDER… AND YOUR HANDS FREE™, you'll notice at once how much lighter your snowboard feels, and also how little space you take up. In fact, if you look at the pictures above and compare the orange areas WITH and WITHOUT SKIZERO SNOWBOARD®, you can easily see the difference! SKIZERO SNOWBOARD® is the perfect snowboard shoulder strap.

The significant reduction of space occupied made possible by this snowboard strap is particularly helpful in all crowded spaces, for example while waiting in a queue to take any kind of ski-lift, where there's always the risk of bumping into people or things with the board's nose or tail, perhaps causing damage that can often be quite expensive, but that now, with this innovative system, you can finally avoid!  

Because now you can take your snowboard anywhere you want, leaving your hands completely free to make calls, chat with friends, send messages, shoot videos or eat a snack… Finally, thanks to this smart but simple snowboard carrying strap, you can move around in far greater freedom, going wherever you need to and able to walk quicker, more easily and in greater comfort, and even carrying anything else you want!

Your comfort... our Passion!